About us

Love, Emoem (say the word Mom out loud and it sounds like Em-o-Em) shares inspo from modern moms who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

We’ll help you explore everything that makes us tick: Career, style, beauty, decor, travel and so much more. We meet moms (and sometimes dads) and discover what’s in their closets and their lives to find inspiration we can all learn from. We hope to reveal real life reconnaissance about everything from career advice to decor and style ideas or how-to survive life’s many and amazing hiccups.

Founded by Juliette Lie Baxter and Tracey Ho Lung, this blog is a lovely mash-up of our editorial careers at Canadian fashion and beauty publications like Glow, FASHION, Flare and Chatelaine. And just in case you’re wondering, we are not related (we get that A LOT).

WE Love to Collaborate

Love, Emoem is available for brand collaborations for which we can develop engaging stories and beautiful content in the areas of life and style that our moms love best: Decor, style, beauty, travel, entertaining and more. Recent campaign partners include The Drake General Store, HomeSense and Line the Label and we always love learning about a brand that will make our readers happy.

If you’re interested in creating chic and inspirational content together, email us at contact@love-emoem.com and to learn more, click here to see our media kit and rates.

Meet the team

MY STORY: TRACEY HO LUNG, Co-Founder As a beauty and fashion editor I’ve spent my share of hours/days sitting at fashion shows, looking over runway slides (yes, I looked at slides, not the internet), styling clothes for photo shoots, and testing beauty products. I’ll admit that I loved every minute of it and wouldn’t change a thing. I still dabble in both once in a while as a part of my freelance journalism lifestyle, but admittedly with less gusto. Two kids later I no longer obsess over the wardrobe I’ll need for the season, but instead, try to figure out how to juggle play dates, save money on my home (which you can read all about here), homework and generally, raising my children to be decent people. That said, being a mom doesn’t mean that I don’t care about me. I still want to look good, have great skin and do a yoga class once in a while. That’s where this blog comes in. It’s an outlet that let’s me write and still be creative (on my own terms) and provide info on stylish living. Plus, I get to hang with my co-founder Juliette and laugh (loudly), everyday. With that, I hope you enjoy reading Love, Emoem just as much as I love creating it.